House Spam Hearings

The FTC Howard Beales, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, testified:

“Any solution to the problems caused by spam should contain the following elements: enhanced enforcement tools to combat fraud and deception; support for the development and deployment of technological tools to fight spam; enhanced business and consumer education; and the study of business methods to reduce the volume of spam.”

FTC News release
FTC Testimony FTC: Help Us Find and Prosecute Spammers

RIAA sues more sharers

AP: Music Group Files 80 Downloading Lawsuits

The recording industry filed 80 more federal lawsuits around the country Thursday against computer users it said were illegally sharing music files across the Internet.
Those 80 people were among 204 who had been threatened with lawsuits earlier this month by the Washington-based Recording Industry Association of America (news – web sites) unless they contacted the trade association to discuss a financial settlement.
The RIAA said the remaining 124 people had approached music industry lawyers about settling the claims.

Wired News: RIAA Sues 80 More Swappers: “The RIAA also revealed that 1,000 file sharers have signed “Clean Slate” affidavits.”
What’s a music war without music war profiteers? LexisNexis is offering Recording Industry Association of America Case Activity for only $45 per complaint.

SCO claims GPL is unconstitutional

In its copyright infringement lawsuit against IBM, the SCO Group is asserting that the GPL (General Public License), the license which forms the basis for open source software such as Linux, is unenforceable. SCO attacks open-source foundation

“The GPL violates the U.S. Constitution, together with copyright, antitrust and export control laws,” SCO Group said in an answer filed late Friday to an IBM court filing. In addition, SCO asserted that the GPL is unenforceable.

FTC suggests improving patent law policy

The Federal Trade Commission released a report on How to Promote Innovation: The Proper Balance of Competition and Patent Law and Policy. Among the ten FTC recommendations:

  • Create a new administrative procedure that will make it easier for firms to challenge a patent’s validity at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), without having to raise an expensive and time-consuming federal court challenge
  • Allow courts to find patents invalid based on the preponderance of the evidence, without having to find that clear and convincing evidence compels that result
  • Limit the award of treble damages for willful patent infringement.

New JC song on iTunes

P8110014-crop.jpg I was pleasantly suprised to find Sunset, a pre-release track from James Carter’s forthcoming Columbia release, Gardenias for Lady Day, Sunset“>available on iTunes. This is a warm, rich-sounding track with an orchestral string section that hearkens back to an earlier era of standards. The sound is not suprising for an album that is intended to pay tribute to Billie Holiday. I am looking forward to its release on November 11.
Jazz Times: James Carter Salutes Holiday.