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Everyone seems to be talking about Google these days. hosts a roundtable on Google and The Googleverse:

These days, you can hardly call Google a mere search and ad company. Its products and services are now ubiquitous and include news, blogs, e-mail, instant messages, voice, video, maps, library books, desktop accessories, photo editing and more. It is interested in promoting open document standards, building municipal Wi-Fi systems and analyzing NASA space data. And its next moves are the subject of constant speculation.

Eric Goldman attended and spoke at Yale's Regulating Search conference and posted a thorough write up of the conference: Yale Regulating Search? Conference Recap. Papers presented at the symposium are available on the conference web site.

Daniel Solove comments on how Google search histories are traceable to individuals: Google's Empire, Privacy, and Government Access to Personal Data: "No matter what Google's privacy policy says, the fact that it maintains information about people's search activity enables the government to gather that data, often with a mere subpoena, which provides virtually no protection to privacy -- and sometimes without even a subpoena"

In Newsweek, Eric Schmidt and Hal Varian discuss lessons at Google for managing smart employees in the information age: Google: Ten Golden Rules: "The ongoing debate about whether big corporations are mismanaging knowledge workers is one we take very seriously, because those who don't get it right will be gone. We've drawn on good ideas we've seen elsewhere and come up with a few of our own. What follows are seven key principles we use to make knowledge workers most effective."

The New York Times reports on Google's corporate culture: At Google, Cube Culture Has New Rules: "Google, like I.B.M., says that it is forging a corporate culture in which success depends on performance."


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