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Morning Edition on Fair Use

NPR's Morning Edition had an interesting piece about fair use on the web and the Stanford CIS Fair Use Project. Laura Sydell, NPR: Stanford Center Advocates for Fair Use on Web.

Does Family Guy plagiarize The Simpsons? Is the Family Guy paying homage to older show? Or do the two shows draw from similar comedic scenes and ideas?


Supreme Court Meets YouTube: "In a U.S. Supreme Court first, the justices have joined the Internet age, including digital access to videotaped evidence with an opinion. Scott v. Harris, No. 05-1631 (April 30). The grainy clip (Real Player), which can be reached via a hyperlink on the court’s opinions Web page, shows the view from the dashboard of a police car involved in a high-speed chase in suburban Atlanta. Although the video can’t physically be included in the published opinion, it is referenced in a footnote in which the URL is written out, notes Kathy Arberg, a spokeswoman for the court."