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Sound Recording Performing Rights Bill

The Performance Rights Act of 2007 was introduced in both the House and Senate before going on recess. This bill would put commercial broadcasters on parity with webcasters and satellite radio in needing to pay royalties for the use of sound recordings.

David Pogue speaks at a college and finds out that kids today don't believe that creative works fixed in a tangible electronic medium have any value: The Generational Divide in Copyright Morality:

"The exercise is intended, of course, to illustrate how many shades of wrongness there are, and how many different opinions. Almost always, there’s a lot of murmuring, raised eyebrows and chuckling.

Recently, however, I spoke at a college. It was the first time I’d ever addressed an audience of 100 percent young people. And the demonstration bombed.

In an auditorium of 500, no matter how far my questions went down that garden path, maybe two hands went up. I just could not find a spot on the spectrum that would trigger these kids’ morality alarm. They listened to each example, looking at me like I was nuts."