This post is a tribute to the greatest post in the blog

If a tribute band uses choreography that’s so original that it can deserve copyright protection on its own, what does that say about how good the tribute band is as a tribute band? ACES – Four Tops & Motown Tribute Show (1991-2002)

“This routine seen here is currently being used without consent in The Magic of Motown show and How Sweet It Is. Freddie Lee Peterkin is taking legal action against these shows for infringement of copyright of his original dramatic works.”

And a gratuitous link to the video of Tenacious D’s masterpiece, Tribute

Franken on Net Neutrality

I missed the Future of Music Policy Summit this year, but Senator Al Franken gave a keynote address that summarizes concisely the key concerns about the need for net neutrality, framed in terms of a First Amendment free speech concern and secondly about creating entrepeneurial opportunities (rather than enabling and entrenching incumbents.) Al Franken Keynote Address to Future of Music Policy Summit 2009, “The stifling of openness on the Internet isn’t always about censorship. In the future, it could simply be a product of business at work – of ISPs turning a profit.”
C-SPAN, The Future of Music Policy Summit 2009 – Keynote by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), REM Songwriter Mike Mills, and FCC Chair Julius Genachowski participate in the Future of Music Policy Summit 2009, which examines the direction of the digital music industry.