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Hot, Naked Court Data

Creative Commons and Public.Resource.Org have released 1.8 Million Pages of U.S. Case Law Available Now for Developers: "Today’s release covers all U.S. Supreme Court decisions and all Courts of Appeals decisions from 1950 on. The release is equivalent to 1,858 volumes of case law in book form, a stack of books 348 feet tall."

Sorry, but no one involved is a winner

At Above the Law, David Lat gets the scoop of the year-- Nixon Peadbody's motivational song: Someone Deserves to be Shot Over This

Nixon Peabody: This Is Not a Love Theme Song: "[Nixon Peadbody representatives] emphasized that the song was internal to the firm and is protected by copyright. They also insisted that it is NOT a "theme song" -- in any way, shape or form."

Unfortunately (or perhaps thankfully), as ATL commenters note, some state disciplinary rules prevent attorneys from using theme songs as part of lawyer advertising. But, wouldn't jury duty be more entertaining if trial lawyers did have theme songs? Of course, court would feel more like a baseball game, but it might entice citizens to want to serve on juries if the US Attorneys would give their opening statements after a few bars of "America, F^ck Yeah," or a Manhattan ADA's cross examination followed a bit of "New York, New York."