Appreciating the Indie Web: ATP

Sure, the Accidental Tech Podcast is another hours-long podcast with three middle-aged white men talking to each other about technology. But it’s also the best example of the genre.  Spiritually, ATP is a tech version of Top Gear, whether done by intention or not. After all, ATP started from a car podcast, which became taken over by the tech talk,… Read more →

Appreciating the Indie Web:

Jason Kottke is good at the internet. His blog, will turn 25 years old this year. He pioneered many of the features that we take for granted across the internet.  And it continues to be one of the absolute best reads on the internet. (Along with his newsletter). Even more impressively, he took a break. You may be thinking, “what’s… Read more →

Appreciating the Indie Web: Lift Blog

I love skiing, but also while growing up skiing and hanging out around the ski patrol with my dad, who was a volunteer ski patroller,I appreciated the operations of ski areas. Ski lifts are complicated, useful, and cool looking pieces of technology. But I didn’t really have a huge interest in lifts as anything other than a way to easily… Read more →

Appreciating the Indie Web

A new year’s resolution, at its best, is a great impetus to convert a goal to a habit, but is likely to fail if its too ambitious or vague. Last year, I set out to achieve a perfect month of closing my rings in Apple Fitness. (As I said, ambition is usually the enemy of success). But I also set… Read more →

Best Television of the Year

If there was one artistic medium that I engaged with the most this year, it was television. 2022 was a year with a huge amount of excellent programs. There is far too much good television for any person to see, so there are likely things that I missed. But here are a list of things that I enjoyed, arranged alphabetically:… Read more →

On Twitter

After an interesting and dramatic couple of weeks over at the Tweet factory, I have many thoughts and feelings. Those have evolved from reinforcing my perception that TWTR, the company, was bad at making Twitter the service into a business, to optimistic schadenfreude about Musk being forced to pay TWTR billions of dollars to not own the company, and now… Read more →

Streaming Services Power Rankings – August 2022

Starting a new occasional and intermittent series, Streaming Services Power Rankings. If I’m paying for all of these services, here’s my take on which are the best use of time and money. This a point in time evaluation and may be updated from time to time:  1. Hulu – Between FX and Hulu originals, Hulu is on a roll, with The… Read more →

Global Consent Requirements for Online Behavioral Advertising

For this year’s virtual IAPP Global Privacy Summit, I participated in a recorded panel discussion on Global Consent Requirements for Online Behavioral Advertising, to try to provide guidance on how to comply with applicable laws and offer the right user options for running a behavioral advertising campaigns. While I remain skeptical that consent is the right paradigm for behavioral ad… Read more →

The Tyranny of the Rings

I like the Apple Watch. This surprises me, because I’ve never enjoyed wearing watches. Since I’m an old, I remember the times before the mass adoption of mobile phones when watches were necessary for telling time. Even though I had a couple of fun Swatch watches and a Canal Street Rolecks, I carried a pocket watch. This was not merely… Read more →