Trio of wackiness

Yet another example of something that could only exist on the web: Collection of others’ grocery lists
What happens when you throw chunks of sodium in a lake? Fun with Sodium (via Boing Boing)
Did you know that:

  • Andrew Raff is a pogo stick that hovers three feet from the ground, has been featured in Star Trek and is also available in white.
  • is a games console that tracks its position with GPS! It is programmed against harming humans.
  • New York is a lunchbox that plays Nethack, produces 240v of electricity and requires a sample of DNA.
  • New Jersey is a bar of soap that can be taken on holiday!
  • Agents of Good Roots is like a normal tricycle, but it cannot be moved.

That’s what I learned from the Prior-Art-O-Matic (via Paul’s Boutique)

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  1. Andrew, how can you call yourself a true geek when you’ve never thrown sodium into a lake?? (me, gasping in horror!)
    Please tell me you’ve at least plugged in a pickle!!
    Did you know that coffeemate is flammable? You can make a column of fire if you pour it down a stairwell or off a building and light it 🙂
    I firmly deny participating in any of the above activities.

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