More Ski Racing

I don’t know if it’s gotten any coverage on Sportscenter, but the Alpine Skiing World Championships were on NBC this weekend, and will be on NBC again next weekend, from 4-6 PM on Saturday and 1-3 PM on Sunday. New Hampshire’s Bode Miller won the combined on Thursday, beating out Norweigans Lasse Kjus and Kjetil Andre Aamodt. In the downhill, Austrian Michael Walchhofer won, followed by Aamodt and Switzerland’s Bruno Kernen. In the women’s downhill, Canadian Melanie Turgeon beat Austrian Alexandra Meissnitze and Swede Corinne Rey Bellet, who tied for second.

While Chistopher Clarey’s coverage for the NY Times is fairly decent, the US Ski Team and Ski Racing both have coverage on the web. It’s somewhat deeper than the AP stories that ESPN is running, and much quicker to find. (A ski racing news RSS feed would be great!)