What Lies Beneath

The Morning News: What Lies Beneath “New York and Washington have their differences, but the greatest disparity (at least to someone who just moved from Manhattan) is in their subway systems.”
The DC Metro is clean, but it has no soul. We need to steal the useful “next train in X minutes” signs from the metro for the subway (or add something similar.) If not that, at least adopt Moscow’s (somewhat less useful) clocks counting up after each train departs. (At rush hour in Moscow, trains run about every 90 seconds.) And where’s that Second Avenue subway?
One major advantage the subway has over the D.C. Metro (and the Tube, the T and the Moscow Metro) is that the subway doesn’t shut down at night. While there are a number of good reasons to take the subway late at night (it’s much cheaper than a cab), one extra benefit is getting to see some of the weird, specialized work cars that usually travel around the system late at night.

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