On elections

We’re in the middle of election season at the law school. The Student Bar Association (student government) had their elections last week. Judging by the posters and flyers hanging all over the law school building, the people who run for SBA office are the same people who ran for student government in high school and undergrad.
In contrast, for some groups, showing up is 99% of the the election process. For example, I’m now vice-president of the Intellectual Property & Technology Association. Why vice-president? I picked heads in the flip of the coin, so I’m vice-president rather than president.
Membership on the e-board of one of these groups essentially means organizing events. We had a nice reception last week with alumni practicing in IP, entertainment and media law. Not only did I get a nice dinner and some wine in a plastic cup, but also met a number of alums with interesting jobs, including John Maltbie, the brains behind Actual Malice.

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