More on bike lanes

As a follow-up to last week’s post on bike lanes, Segways and skating, here are some info on bike lanes and resources for cyclists:
New bicycle route maps for the city.
Manhattan Loop Nears for Bikes

By this fall, the Department of Parks and Recreation hopes to carve out (or in parts mark out) a 32-mile circuit that will take bikers from the Battery up the West Side, past the George Washington Bridge almost to the northern tip of Manhattan, then down the Harlem and East Rivers and back to the Battery.

The city has a master plan for Greenway development
Transportation Alternatives has proposed a Bicycle Blueprint for NYC.
Some New York state laws and city rules and regulations protect and regulate cyclists.
Next week is Bike Week in NYC and May 4th is the Five-boro Bike Tour. Unlike last year, I will not be riding this year because the tour falls the day before my Five-credit Contracts final.

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