Tuition at NY Metro area law schools

Got a letter from school today stating the tuition rate for the upcoming year. What’s interesting is that it compares the tuition at all NY area law schools.

Full-time tuition at NY metro area law schools:
School Tuition Fees
Columbia 34,580 784
NYU 34,000 900
Fordham 30,930 416
Brooklyn 31,070 (1L)
30,200 (2L)
29,450 (3L)
Cardozo 30,900 (1L)
29,510 (2L&3L)
New York Law School 32,090 460
Hofstra 28,434 800
Pace 28,960 110
St. John’s 28,400 n/a
Touro 24,240 450

(part time data omitted by me, because I wanted to type less)
It would be very interesting to index this by the average starting salary for graduates of each school…


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