Market-based intelligence

Um, maybe free markets aren’t the ideal solution for every problem.
Darpa’s Policy Analysis Market would evaluate terror threats based on a market exchange.
Boston Globe: US eyes market to predict terror
Metafilter: Pentagon Plans Futures Market for Events in Mideast
NYT: Pentagon Prepares a Futures Market on Terror Attacks
NYT: Pentagon Abandons Plan for Futures Market on Terror
AP: Pentagon’s Futures Market Plan Condemned
Wired News: The Case for Terrorism Futures 
NYT: Poindexter’s Follies: “The time has obviously come to send John Poindexter packing and to shut down the wacky espionage operation he runs at the Pentagon.”

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  1. Give ’em the boot!

    Since it was possibly the most insane idea to come from the military in a long time, you’ve probably heard about the demise of the futures market on terrorism. Andrew Raff rounded up some of the coverage yesterday, and it’s all over the place. Salon’s …

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