Don’t Call it a Comeback

He came in third behind Kerry and Edwards. Dean’s done. At least that’s what the pundits seem to think. It is far too early to count Dean out. The doctor is still sitting on a lot of money and enthusiasm. A strong showing in SC might keep Edwards going for a little longer, but I doubt he has the money to be competitive with Dean and Kerry. Only after NH next weekend will it be possible to understand where the primary is going… except that neither Lieberman, nor Kucinich, nor Sharpton is going to win the nomination.
One explanation for the Iowa results is that voters respond to positive messages (Edwards, in particular, avoided negative campaigning) and don’t like “angry” politicians. Perhaps the lesson for the eventual nominee to take away from Iowa is to avoid directly attacking Bush in the general election, but instead describe a hopeful vision for the future and leave actual attacks to everyone else who has a reason to oppose Bush. is a start.
This is the last I intend to write about the primary elections here. Kos, TPM, Salon and The Daily Show already do a much better job than I will be able to, so it’s back to postings relating to law school, other assorted legal stuff, random NYC minutia, Mac fanaticism, music, reality TV, parody songs, and space policy.
Yes, the title of this post is merely a weak excuse to link to Mama Said Knock You Out