Talking ‘Heads

David Weinberger blogged the Bellhead-Nethead Conference at Cardozo earlier this week:

  • Bob Pepper, Chief of Poilicy Development at the FCC
  • Bruce Mehlman, Internet Innovation Alliance
  • Justification for Regulation, with Rebecca Arbogast, LeggMason; Daniel Benoliel, UC Berkeley, Law; Harold Feld, Media Access Project; James Gattuso, Heritage Foundation; Russell Hanser, FCC (speaking for himself and off the record [Blog off]); David Isenberg,; Eli Noam, Columbia U. economics; Christopher Savage, Cole, Raywid & Braverman
  • Ancillary Jurisdiction with Robert Blau, BellSouth; Jeffrey Carlisle, chief of Wireline Competition Bureau of FCC; Bill Hunt, Level 3; James Lewis, MCI; Randolph May, Progress & Freedom Foundation; Gigi Sohn, Public Knowledge; James Speta, Northwestern U., Law
  • Journalist Dan Gillmor
  • Universal service with Robert Frieden, Penn State, College of Communications; Jonathan Askin,; Jonathan Weinberg, Wayne State, Law; Kevin Werbach, Wharton School; Brad Ramsay, Nat’l Assoc. of Regulatory Utilities Comissioners; Matthew Brill, FCC
  • John Rogovin, FCC, discusses CALEA
  • Stewart Baker on CALEA
  • CALEA Panel with John Morris, Center for Democacy and Technology; Mike Godwin, Public Knowledge; Geraldine Matise, FCC; Christopher Murray, Vonage; John Morris; Douglas McCollum, Fiducianet; Timothy Wu, Columbia Law School; David Young, Verizon;

Conference reflections from organizer Susan Crawford, Assistant Professor of Law at Cardozo: “The big picture is the real news right now.  Big government wants to be in charge of the internet, and we have the opportunity to resist on a national level.”
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