Claria EULA gets less clear

Ben Edelman takes a look at the latest version of Claria’s end-user license agreement and finds that the latest changes are, not surprisingly, hostile to consumers: Gator’s EULA Gone Bad: “In 5,900+ words of text, there’s no shortage of space for Gator to describe itself in terms that ordinary users can understand. But a search of the license shows Gator has failed even to mention the words and phrases most users associate with Gator’s products.”
LawMeme’s Jaes Grimmelman writes: Ben Edelman Gives Gator’s EULA the Once-Over

This agreement, whether characterized as a “license” to use Gator’s copyrighted software or a “contract” between you and Gator, is still a manipulative, low-down, dirty, no-good document…. The reasonable trade at the core of many of these agreements–you can use the software, but don’t repackage it and sell it as your own–is going to survive, but under the right circumstances, almost any other term could easily be struck down