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Hey, look, there goes a bandwagon!
I’m jumping on and figured I’d give podcasting a shot.
IPtelligentsia podcast 2005-03-21.
This ‘cast looks at MGM v. Grokster, in particular, how the arguments made at oral arguments were reflected in the 9th Circuit ruling. This is not particularly useful pedagogy compared with using the briefs, but it does make for more interesting audio. Mainly, this was a way of giving the latest ‘net fad a try.
Lessons learned: 1. This takes much longer than I thought. I only managed to use a single primary source, instead of the few I planned on. 2. I have a voice for text blogging (it’s sort of like having a face for radio).
Should I do future podcasts? That depends not only on whether I can find audio primary sources or figure out how to record interviews, but on whether it is any more interesting than plain old text blogging. Audio is a very different medium from text, and a useful podcast depends on finding something that works better in that medium.
Here are the useful links:
MGM v. Grokster (9th Cir., 2004)
EFF Case Archive: MGM v. Grokster
US Copyright Office: United States Files Brief in


  1. This is a great resource. I really appreciate your work to assemble this. The supreme court does not permit recordings in their oral arguments, so you may have to restrict your coverage to the lower levels, unless you can talk the ‘nine lawyers’ into letting you podcast the session. We can only ask…

  2. MGM v. Grokster: A Field Guide

    As Ed Felten suggests, there is, not surprisingly, a lot of “generic” scene-setting press coverage of MGM v. Grokster of late, with a few pleasing exceptions scattered here and there. Luckily, we also have a handy Field Guide (unpardonable pun…

  3. I just added your podcast to my list of suggested files to flood Groskter with (in order to demonstrate to the Justices that P2P technology has substantial non-infringing uses).

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