Farewell to the CD

Mark Cuban: The countdown for the extinction of CDs is about to begin: “MP3 players are changing peoples listening habits. We don’t carry folders filled with CDs anymore. We carry our library in our MP3 players. We don’t listen to CDs. We listen to playlists that we adjust all the time. We don’t burn CDs anymore, it’s too time consuming. We copy all our music to our MP3 players so it’s all available at our fingertips.”
Barry L. Ritholtz: The Big Picture: New Arguments Against P2P: The Phony Moral Debate: “a subtle shift is already underway. As we await the Supreme Court’s decision in the Grokster case, the industry — or in this case, its apologists — is positioning itself for a defeat on the merits. They want and need a fall back position, in the event the Supreme Court decides not to overturn the well settled law — ‘substantial non infringing use’ — of Sony BetaMax case.”

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