NY Times: You Can Take the A Train, but Don’t Take Its Logo – New York Times: “The [Metropolitan Transit Authority] has been trying to crack down on the unauthorized use of its logos, symbols and images. But with only one lawyer to handle trademark issues, it has been ineffective at policing its brand. In fact, time and money are so scarce that the authority hasn’t even been able to trademark all its subway route symbols, barely getting past the A, D, F, 1, 4 and 7.”
Ronald Coleman: Taking the IP Train: “Evidently powered by the MTA’s burgeoning licensing program, it’s not a bad idea. No question but that these and the many other powerful symbols used by the transit system are excellent communicators of source, quality and all those other trademarky things.”
Hmmm, maybe the MTA needs another trademark lawyer? (ANDREW readies resumé, plans to casually walk by MTA HQ…)