Cable Bill Phone Spam

I just received an automated phone call on my home phone with a recorded message telling me that if I am concerned about the high price of cable television to press 1. Pressing 1 would tell Congress to act now on the vote this week to allow competition in the cable market. If I pressed 2, that would indicate that I do not care about cable prices.
I dialed 0, hoping to find out more information about who sponsored this call and to learn more about the issue. The recording thanked me for my vote and hung up.
Who is responsible? Most likely the phone company, seeking the ability to provide cable television (and exploiting an existing customer relationship.)
Aha. Here are a couple of articles from the National Journal’s Telecom Update. Heather Greenfield, As Telecom Bill Debate Heats Up, Firms Spending Big On Advertising: “Telecommunications companies are spending serious green on advertising in recent weeks to alert members of Congress and their staff to what they call a serious cause — a grassroots campaign for lower cable and broadband rates.”
Drew Clark, McCain ‘A La Carte’ Bill Remains A No-Show: “Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., failed to introduce legislation that would allow the former regional Bell operating companies to provide cable television service nationally if they offered consumers the option to purchase channels individually — despite earlier indications that he would do so this week.”