Entertainment miscellany

Links presented without comment:
Wall Street Journal: Moguls of New Media: “As videos, blogs and Web pages created by amateurs remake the entertainment landscape, unknown directors, writers and producers are being catapulted into positions of enormous influence.”
Jeff Pulver: Jeff’s Quick Guide to TV on the Net (TV/IP): “During the past twelve months, as the momentum for Broadband TV has snowballed, an increasing number of media companies have decided to take their content and make it available for viewing on the Internet. In some cases, the content offered is “re-runs” of prime time content, in other cases the Internet is being used to channel “vintage” programming (re-runs of old programs) and there is an increasing number of cases in which new content is being developed by media companies for just the broadband Internet.”
Paul Boutin, Slate: The myth of the living-room PC. By : “Computer makers have been trying to find space next to the couch for years, but so far all of these attacks have been repulsed.”
New York Times: Internet Is Seizing the Spotlight in the Live-Music Business
The Hollywood Reporter, Esq.: Audioslave’s Cornell Claims Negligence Against Attorney, Accountant: “Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell has filed suit in Seattle against his former divorce lawyer and accountant, claiming they negligently allowed his ex-wife to co-own his musical works rather than simply have the right to half of the royalties.”
Ray Beckerman, How the RIAA Litigation Process Works
The Future of Music Coalition will hold its: 2006 Policy Summit 2006 on October 5-7 in Montreal.
Coolfer: Hawthorne Heights Sues Victory Records: “In March of this year Victory Records was chest-thumping all the way to a a #3 and controversial debut on the album chart with Hawthorne Heights’ album If Only You Were Lonely. Now, as reported by Billboard.com, Hawthorne Heights has sued Victory Records and label head Tony Brummel, claiming Brummel and Victory of ‘taking advantage’ of the band and ‘severely damaging the band’s reputation and relationship with its fans.'” (Complaint)