Gnarls Barkley goes to court

The Hollywood Reporter, Esq: Gnarls Barkley Seeks Court Order on Song Authorship: “In a complaint filed Oct. 17, Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton and Thomas ‘Cee-Lo’ Callaway are asking the U.S. District Court to determine they are the sole songwriters for their copyrighted works, including ‘Crazy,’ ‘Necromancer,’ ‘Go-Go Gadget Gospel,’ ‘Just a Thought’ and ‘Transformer,’ all of which are featured on their successful album ‘St. Elsewhere.'”

Will NY lawyers lose blogging privlieges?

NY Sun: Proposed Attorney Advertising Rules Could Place Restrictions on Web Logs “The proposed rules, announced in June, are intended to protect consumers from misleading advertisements and to sanction unseemly and aggressive forms of advertising such as the solicitation of plaintiffs in the wake of major disasters.Among other things, the rules would require attorneys to submit advertisements for review by a court disciplinary committee.”
Julie Hilden, Findlaw’s Writ: Are Lawyers’ Blogs Protected by the First Amendment? “It would be a grave mistake, however, for bars to begin equating blogs with advertisements, and treating them the same. Rules regulating attorney advertising are pernicious and elitist to begin with; they shouldn’t be expanded. And characterizing blogs as merely advertising for the attorney who writes them is so reductive as to be absurd.”

links for 2006-10-18

Calling Elvis’s Ringtone

The Copyright Office ruled that ringtones– including monophonic versions– are subject to the section 115 statutory license: In re: Mechanical and Digital Phonorecord Digital Delivery Rate Adjustment Proceeding.
The short result:
Labels (RIAA) = 🙂
Publishers (NMPA) = 🙁
Billboard: Compulsory Licenses Cover Ringtones: “The Copyright Office has decided that compositions used for ringtones may be subject to a compulsory license. The decision is a victory for record labels that want to offer ringtone operators the master rights and publishing rights as one package.”
Patry: Ringtone Ruling “Since the amount paid for ringtones may be substantially less than the free market rate, the cost to consumers may go down as to payments to music publishers decrease. I imagine not just RIAA, but celllphone providers are rejoicing.”

Let’s Go: Virtual Worlds

Reuters opened a virtual bureau in Second Life today.
The NY Times reports: The Reporter Is Real, but the World He Covers Isn’t: “Mr. Pasick, a Reuters technology reporter who was formerly earthbound with the news agency, is heading up Reuters’ first virtual news bureau inside the online role-playing game Second Life. While many independent journalists and bloggers have published inside such virtual worlds, Reuters is the first established news agency to dispatch a full-time reporter to do so.”
Among the early stories is one on the Central Bank of Second Life:

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