Fashion First

The Wall Street Journal reports about the trademark problem Joseph Abboud faces when he goes into competition with Joseph Abbod: What’s in a Name? Not Much, He Hopes: “When designer Joseph Abboud announces his new menswear label today, he’ll face an unlikely competitor: Joseph Abboud. The 57-year-old designer, whose penchant for earth tones and textured fabrics made him a favorite of professional men in the 1990s, sold his trademark for $65 million in 2000. So when he launches his new line, which will include $3,000 shearling coats, he won’t be able to use his name. Instead he’s chosen the name jaz, which he says is a riff on jazz.”
Susan Scafidi, Counterfeit Chic, A Rose By Any Other Name: “Still, why do so many fashion designers, in particular, risk having their names amputated? Surely the pleasure of seeing the letters printed on a few inches of ribbon isn’t that compelling.”