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If a tribute band uses choreography that’s so original that it can deserve copyright protection on its own, what does that say about how good the tribute band is as a tribute band? ACES – Four Tops & Motown Tribute Show (1991-2002)

“This routine seen here is currently being used without consent in The Magic of Motown show and How Sweet It Is. Freddie Lee Peterkin is taking legal action against these shows for infringement of copyright of his original dramatic works.”

And a gratuitous link to the video of Tenacious D’s masterpiece, Tribute

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  1. Hi there,
    This is just one of 6 original choreographed works created by Freddie Lee Peterkin being used in the Magic of Motown show and How Sweet It Is. Their stedfast refusal to remove the works from the national theatre shows just goes to show how good Freddie Lee Peterkin’s tribute productions are.
    Google his other production shows such as the Sounds of The Four Tops and the Sounds of The Drifters. The fact the theatre shows ripping him off have made millions from using his stage presentations rather than those of the original artists, goes to show how good this guy really is.

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