I happened to see this item on Above the Law today: It’s Time For Another Round of Tuition Hikes: “The [Brooklyn Law School] Finance Committee has approved the following tuition schedule for the 2010-2011 academic year: Full-Time: 2 & 3F: $46,284”
Forty-six thousand dollars per year? Back when I was a rising 2L, I blogged about the 2003-2004 tuition for Brooklyn Law and its competitors in the NY metro area. Brooklyn was charging us $30,200 per year in tuition and $130 in fees. That’s a 53% increase in the cost of tuition over the last 7 years.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics $30,200 in 2003 has the same buying power as $35,781.91 in 2010 — that’s a pretty significant 18% inflation. Yet, Brooklyn Law increased tuition by nearly 3 times the rate of inflation. Are the economic opportunites for a newly-minted JD any better than they were five years ago?