Two quick internet policy links

Susan Crawford presented Rethinking Broadband at Personal democracy Forum ’10, which is a brief overview and introduction to the current state of communications policy, the major policy questions and the interests of the various players. A very worthwhile and quick overview:
Aparna Sridhar, Free Press, The Truth About the Third Way: Separating Fact from Fiction in the FCC Reclassification Debate: “While we welcome a lively debate about the best way for the FCC to move forward with implementing the National Broadband Plan, that debate should be informed by the history of communications law and policy in this country and accurate facts about both the FCC’s proposal and the technological and market realities of today’s broadband world. It should not be based on deliberate misdirection and obfuscation. We offer this issue brief to shed light on some of the more obvious misconceptions circulating about the FCC’s proposal.”