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Threats Against Spyware Critics

Ben Edelman keeps track of Threats Against Spyware Detectors, Removers, and Critics: “Those who make spyware detection / removal software, or who otherwise write about spyware, have come to receive threats from the companies they detect, remove, and write about. This page indexes such threats, their dispositions, their apparent basis, and related research and discussion.” Read more →

Popping up less

Pop-up purveyor Claria is attempting to recast its image and move away from the pop-up game. Currently, Claria’s GAIN software monitors the behavior of internet users who have installed the software, either intentionally or inadvertently and uses that clickstream data to trigger pop-up ads in the GAIN application that appear over or under third party websites. Web publishers are, not… Read more →

Popping out

In v. L.L. Bean, an en banc panel of the 9th Circuit declined to rule on whether a California court can have jurisdiction over an internet and mail-order retailer based in Maine. (now Claria) sued for a declaratory injunction that its practices of selling pop-up ads in its adware designed to pop-up over the L.L. Bean website does… Read more →

Spyware, no big deal

Wired News: Spyware on My Machine? So What?: “Not all web surfers think spyware is a problem. Some say the snoopy software is a fair trade-off for free applications, even with the intrusion into their computers and lives.” Read more →

Claria EULA gets less clear

Ben Edelman takes a look at the latest version of Claria’s end-user license agreement and finds that the latest changes are, not surprisingly, hostile to consumers: Gator’s EULA Gone Bad: “In 5,900+ words of text, there’s no shortage of space for Gator to describe itself in terms that ordinary users can understand. But a search of the license shows Gator… Read more →

Is anti-spyware legislation necessary?

Government Computer News: FTC: Technology, not legislation, needed to fight spyware l Trade Commission commissioner Orson Swindle said that pending anti-spyware legislation is an election-year effort by Congress to appear to be taking meaningful action against a high-profile problem. Swindle and Jim Harper, director of information policy studies at the Cato Institute, warned during a Capitol Hill briefing today that… Read more →

Barbarians at the Digital Gate

NY Times: Barbarians at the Digital Gate The rapid proliferation of [spyware and adware] has brought Internet use to a stark crossroads, as many consumers now see the Web as a battlefield strewn with land mines. At the same time, major advertisers and big Internet sites are increasingly tempted by adware’s singular ability to display pop-up ads exactly when a… Read more →

Claria Settles reports that Claria has settled the pending consolidated litigation: Pop-up purveyor Claria settles suits Claria, formerly known as Gator, ended a multidistrict litigation case, or combined lawsuit, with Wells Fargo and Quicken Loans on Aug. 7, according to the plaintiffs’ attorney. In recent months, it also has quietly settled with UPS, Hertz, L.L. Bean, Tiger Direct and Six Continents,… Read more →

Popping Fresh

In Findlaw’s Modern Practice, Jason Allen Cody discusses Pop-Up Ad Litigation Strategy: Forums, Claims and Defenses Summary of Pop-Up Advertising Cases Washington Post v. Gator U-Haul v. Wells Fargo v. 1-800 Contacts v. Date 7/02 9/03 11/03 12/03 Court E.D. Va. E.D. Va. E.D. Mich. S.D.N.Y. Disposition granted π’s motion for a preliminary injunction granted Δ’s motion… Read more →