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Where It’s Mac

Daring Fireball: For Whatever Reasons New Windows updates, new anti-virus software, new ad-blocking software — regular people are starting to realize that the cycle never ends, that they are never going to successfully secure Windows, and that the easiest and best solution to the Windows security problem is not to use Windows at all. This conversation appears not at all… Read more →

Apple’s Next Product

This week, Apple started shipping Airport Express, a compact WiFi base station which enables iTunes to wirelessly stream music to a stereo. The NY Times’ David Pogue lauds the Airport Express, Apple’s Pocket-Size Base Station. Ars Technica comprehensively reviews the Airport Express and concludes that “the Express is more than just the sum of its parts.” WSJ Personal Technology columnist… Read more →

Mac troubleshooting help

Recently, I have become reacquainted with my old friend Pine. Who needs fancy graphics or colors for e-mail? I should point out that this is not a result of my choice, but rather the result of some kind of protest by my computer to running Fortunately, I can still work in Word, OmniOutliner and Safari. But why did my… Read more →

Garage Rhodes

I’m having far too much fun playing around with GarageBand. The software instruments are impressive, especially when considering the price of the program. In particular, the electric piano is very nice, after the basic sample is tweaked to add just a little more overdrive. Unfortunately, the system requirements are pretty heavy. After all, my iBook barely meets the minimum specs,… Read more →

In the Garage

While much of the Mac web is filled with disappointment about Apple’s announcement at MacWorld earlier this week, I am thrilled, because Apple released something that I’ve been looking for, at a lower price than expected: a simple music recording and composition program, Garage Band. For $49, the program combines multi-track audio recording with amp modeling, virtual instruments and loops… Read more →

iWant my iTunes

With the advance press its gotten, was anyone surprised when Apple unveiled its new iTunes music store? The software is as slick as could be expected. Makes getting music as fast and easy as possible. I could end up dropping a lot of money through this service. But I can’t yet, not until I can get the music that I… Read more →

Control your Mac from your phone

Have a Sony Ericsson phone with Bluetooth? Have a Mac with OS X and Bluetooth? Then go and get Sony Ericsson Clicker Sony Ericsson Clicker is a revolutionary application, allowing you to remotely control a wide range of applications with your Sony Ericsson phone. Impress your friends and co-workers! (via Gizmodo) edit: This is so cool! The phone works well… Read more →