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Bloggers, book deals and gnomes

Today’s NY Times features a long article about David Lat, the former federal prosecutor who created Article III Groupie– the author of Underneath Their Robes, the only gossip site about federal judges: He Fought the Law. They Both Won. In November, Lat publicly revealed that he wrote A3G with an article in The New Yorker by Jeffrey Toobin: Scotus Watch.… Read more →

Goodbye, Bob

MT-Blacklist does an excellent job of preventing comment spam here. However, one spammer’s posts were getting through: the one common factor is an email address: The problem with blocking these is that the #### is a different 2-4 digit string each time. This kind of problem shows why regular expressions can be added as blacklist entries. I finally got… Read more →


Frank Field wonders: is anybody else sick of the new NYTimes RSS feeds? (first noted here on Jun. 28): I do know that these new feeds are far less useful to me, and have gotten me started on looking for new strategies, new aggregators and new tools for collecting, sorting and archiving feeds. These new feeds are less than useless.… Read more →

Perceptions and Expectations

So, SixApart finally introduced the long-awaited version 3.0 of Movable Type with a new “we’re a real company and need revenue” pricing scheme, and the users are unhappy. Jason Kottke could have taken these thoughts from my brain, but he elucidated them eloquently: The End of Free In exchange for lowering the price on the [high-end personal uses], you get… Read more →

Stand By Your Words

Via Kevin, we learn what happens when a fictional, but entirely plausible, hiring partner hears the word ‘weblog’ for the first time: Uh oh. One of the recruiting coordinators knocked on my door this morning. Apparently she had lunch over the weekend with one of her colleagues, and heard a story about an associate at another firm who had “some… Read more →

New look

It’s weblog posts and linky links all remixed together onto one page. It’s crazy! But if you’re reading over RSS, you will see no change. The movable typing is blatantly stolen derived from Kottke and If it doesn’t work, I’ll change right back to the old look. Read more →

On comments

Recently, I noted that comment spam is one reason to discontinue commenting. Of course, comments from abject assholes provide yet another reason to discontinue the comments feature. I suppose some people, like, enjoy making anonymous asinine remarks attacking others. For the record, I think the program discussed in the linked article, which encourages students to start their own practices… Read more →

New host

This is the site on the new host, Pair. I moved off Your-site because they decided they were going to start billing for extra disk storage (my account was well over the quota) and the servers were consistently lethargic. The extra space will go to good use with the photoblog project I want to do this summer. I’m also going… Read more →

(Not) Off the air for a bit

I’m in the process of moving to a new host. Blogging will resume when I get MT moved over and the domain transfers… MT doesn’t seem to want to use my existing database files on the new site. Although I followed the directions from I changed hosts, and now I can’t log in to Movable Type, I still can’t… Read more →

Blog comments spam

Paul Gutman first warned me about the problem. Ben Hammersley explains more. I haven’t had a major problem with this yet on this site. However, when we had a message board at Buzz Rant & Rave, I deleted a lot of spam from the board. I’m debating the value of keeping open comments But there can be some entertainment value… Read more →