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You never know who may be reading

If Bork Had Blogged: The Opportunities and Dangers of Lawyer Blogging So plenty of lawyers, understandably, need a stress-reliever and a place to be creative, and want their blog to be that place. My advice for those lawyers who feel the need to really vent online: perhaps an anonymous blog is the way to go. Even anonymous bloggers probably want… Read more →

RSS-enclosed Song of the Week

I’ve moved the MP3 of the week semi-feature from the main blog here over to the sidebar (under the current listening headline.) The advantage to this is that it now has its own RSS feed, which includes the song of the week as an RSS enclosure. If you’re reading this and use a news aggregator that supports enclosures (from what… Read more →

More on RSS and Comments

Not long after I posted about the theoretical discussion aggregator, Brent Simmons released the latest NetNewsWire beta, which includes support for the comments tag in RSS 2.0. I’ve added the comments element to my RSS 2.0 feed. I think that the comment item borders on being completely useless. All it does is point to the link where comments could be… Read more →

Grades matter

Grades really do matter. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher requires all hires, including lateral partners, to rank near the top of their class in law school. They recently turned down a lateral hire with $7 million in portable book because he didn’t make the grade. Ouch. [a mad tea-party] Is there any good way to point out the excessive status-consciousness and… Read more →

RSS Sucks! Where’s my discussion aggregator?

As I was writing the previous post about how sites without RSS feeds don’t lend themselves to regular reading, I realized that RSS is only half of the equation. While RSS makes it easier to read many feeds, it needs an equivalent to let us manage discussions. If the Internet is about communication and conversation, RSS on its own isn’t… Read more →

RSS Rules!

The Shifted Librarian: The “Me” in Media but the Corante crew just doesn’t want to give up the RSS feeds, so I don’t read a single Corante blog. Which is a real shame, because I hear they’re quite interesting…. As I’ve pulled more feeds into NetNewsWire, it’s become more and more useful and essential to my daily information diet. What… Read more →