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The Hebrew Hammer

I first blogged about this film back in January, before it premiered at Sundance (see Jewsploitation!), and now The Hebrew Hammer opens this month. It may be the December movie which I am most looking forward to seeing. Makor will have a screening on Sunday December 7. The film opens in theaters on December 19, but Comedy Central will show… Read more →

Your logo here

As of yesterday, Snapple is the official beverage of New York City. For beverage makers that don’t have $106 million in cash and $60 million in marketing and promotional value to buy a five-year vending and marketing agreement with the City of New York, I’m glad to announce the sponsorship program here at That’s right, for low, low prices,… Read more →


I had a very calm blackout experience yesterday. I didn’t get stuck in a subway, I didn’t have to walk home across a bridge, I didn’t get stuck in an elevator or in another borough. For that I feel very fortunate. In fact, it wasn’t a bad experience. After all, I enjoyed some free ice cream. In fact, I wasn’t… Read more →

Bizarro World

Despite some initial skepticism, I can confirm earlier suspicions that we are now living in bizarro world. I’m not sure of the official date the flip began. My initial thought is sometime in 2000, although the more I think about it, I see a stronger case for the argument that reason and logic began turning on their heads sometime around… Read more →

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Thanks, Mr. Rogers. Jurist notes that Mr. Rogers influenced the Supreme Court’s majority opinion in Sony v. University City Studios (the Betamax case). “Fred Rogers [is] president of the corporation that produces and owns the copyright on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The program is carried by more public television stations than any other program. Its audience numbers over 3,000,000 families a… Read more →

Still going…and going…and going…

Who turned America’s best TV show into a cartoon? The Simpsons no longer marks the elevation of the sitcom formula to its highest form. These days it’s closer to It’s Garry Shandling’s Show—a very good, self-conscious parody of a sitcom (and itself). Episodes that once would have ended with Homer and Marge bicycling into the sunset (perhaps while Bart gagged… Read more →