My word!

New words in the OED. NYT: Latest Word: ‘Klingons’ in, ‘Muggles’ Not Quite

“Obviously the majority of language references is not made up of fun phrases like ‘go commando,’ and we spend a lot of time arguing with equal vehemence about things that would seem extremely obscure to average people,”

Other new words to make it into the dictionary include “wannabe,” “aerobicist,” “body-piercing,” “comb-over,” “lipectomy,” “body mass index,” “orthorexia,” “Botox,” “Viagra” “Prozac.”, “Falun Gong” and the “Taliban.” “Klingons,” “Jedi knights” and the “Force” are joined by other sci-fi favorites “dilithium,” “warp drive, “dark side, “mind-meld” and “Luke Skywalker.”

Suprise: Russians like beer, too

Beer Toppling Vodka’s Reign. Beer is becoming more popular in Russia, and could threaten to change the ubiquity of vodka as a central part of Russian culture.

Vodka consumption has fallen somewhat, but not at the rate that beer consumption has risen. To many Russians, beer is seen as nothing more than a soft drink; teenagers regularly walk down streets or in and out of subway stations in the middle of the day, bottle in hand.

This story looks oddly familiar…
1999: BBC: Beer is the new vodka in Russia
1999: CNN: Russia’s beer market ready to be tapped
2002: BBC: Russian vodka faces flood of beer
2002: The Russia Journal: Russia’s alternative to beer is vodka, not health
Google also led me to Russian Beer Market – June 2001 from the British Embassy in Moscow

TMQ Haiku

Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column has moved from Slate to ESPN, but is still an essential read (for football (US) fans) Haiku me? No, haiku you!

in the past three years, professional sportscasters and commentators, possessed with their incredible insider knowledge, have proven themselves five times less likely than random chance to predict the Super Bowl winner.