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[FMC] IP in a post-Grokster World

IP in a post-Grokster World Preeta Bansal Partner, Skadden Arps (moderator) Chris Amenita Senior Vice President, ASCAP Enterprises Group Mia Garlick General Counsel, Creative Commons Cary Sherman President, RIAA Siva Vaidhyanathan Assistant Professor of Culture and Communication, NYU Don Verrilli Partner, Jenner & Block Fred von Lohmann Senior Intellectual Property Attorney, EFF Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd. Bansal: This… Read more →

[FMC] Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA)

Mechanical license is outdated and needs to be updated from its paper-based, individual. Reform should exempt buffering, cacheing and ephemeral copies from §115. §114 places differing rates and services based on medium– broadcast radio pays no fee, while satellite, digital cable and internet radio all pay different rates. Archival copies of digital media should be a fair use. Electronic database… Read more →

[FMC] Sampling and Shared Art

Rick Karr former NPR cultural correspondent/Technopop (moderator) Whitney Broussard Partner, Selverne, Mandelbaum & Mintz Jeff Chang Author, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Shannon Emamali Exec Director, DC Chapter, The Recording Academy Bob Kohn Chairman and CEO, RoyaltyShare, Inc. Hank Shocklee Music Industry Producer, Founder of Public Enemy, President of Shocklee Entertainment [Unfortunately, Broussard isn’t here for the panel…] Has the law… Read more →

[FMC] George Clinton and Hank Shocklee

Special Interview with legendary funk artist George Clinton and Hank Shocklee Music Industry Producer, Founder of Public Enemy, President of Shocklee Entertainment. Hosted by Rick Karr Clinton: “I thought it was a DJ on the radio talking over the record.” “I heard a guy rapping over “flashlight” and thought it was cool and record it. Then I learned that the… Read more →

[FMC] Linky link

Derek Slater is also blogging FMC, in a more polished form than my rough notes, over at Billboard Postplay. Coolfer is here, too: Future of Music Summit: Day One and Future of Music Summit: Day Two. Herkko Hietanen is posting some real-time notes at Copyfraud. Read more →

[FMC] License to Cover: Section 115

Room 307: License to Cover: Section 115 Ken Kaufman Partner, Skadden Arps David Jones Counsel, Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Senate Judiciary Committee Jonathan Potter Executive Director, DiMA Josh Wattles Entertainment and Technology Attorney — Kaufman: Compulsory has acted as a benchmark for negotiations. What licenses are required for caching of streams? It hsa become mroe and more difficult for mechanical… Read more →

[FMC] Is Digital Distribution a Good Deal for Artists?

Panel 05: Is Digital Distribution a Good Deal for Artists? Walter McDonough General Counsel, Future of Music Coalition (moderator) Kevin Arnold Founder/CEO, IODA Slim Moon Owner, Kill Rock Stars David Pakman Managing Director, eMusic/Dimensional Associates David Printis President/CEO, Tim Quirk GM, Music Content and Programming, RealNetworks Having an online presence allows a band to hang out and get drunk… Read more →

[FMC] State of the Union

Panel 04: State of the Union Jim Griffin CEO, Cherry Lane Digital (moderator) Mitch Bainwol Chairman and CEO, RIAA Shawn Fanning Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Snocap Joe Henry ASCAP artist and songwriter/producer Andrew Moss Senior Director, Technical Policy, Microsoft Marybeth Peters Register, US Copyright Office Gary Shapiro President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Associatio – Shapiro: HD Radio will be… Read more →

[FMC] Music Policy 101

Michael Bracy Policy Director, Future of Music Coalition (moderator) Fred Cannon Senior VP, Government Relations, BMI Mike Godwin Legal Director, Public Knowledge Rebecca Greenberg National Director, Recording Artists’ Coalition Mike Mills Bass player, R.E.M. Hal Ponder Director of Government Relations, AFM Johanna Shelton Democratic Counsel, US House Energy and Commerce Committee with FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein staying on. Greenberg: RAC… Read more →