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Tuition at NY Metro area law schools

Got a letter from school today stating the tuition rate for the upcoming year. What’s interesting is that it compares the tuition at all NY area law schools. Full-time tuition at NY metro area law schools: School Tuition Fees Columbia 34,580 784 NYU 34,000 900 Fordham 30,930 416 Brooklyn 31,070 (1L) 30,200 (2L)29,450 (3L) 130 Cardozo 30,900 (1L) 29,510 (2L&3L)… Read more →

New Jersey

After watching the entire Sopranos Season 2, and seeing a different side of New Jersey than what I’m familiar with, I’m glad to be exchanging my (expired) NJ driver’s license for a NY one. But it’s a good week for New Jersey, or at least the two sports teams that play at the Arena formerly named after Brendan Byrne. The… Read more →

Consumers, Congress & Copyright

Consumers, Congress and Copyright Issues According to a 2003 SutherlandGold survey of 1,000 US consumers, 60% of respondents think that in its effort to crack down on internet piracy, Congress should place a priority on protecting consumers’ right to legally-obtained content. However, 54% of consumers fear that Congressional mandates will have unintentional side effects for technological innovation. Read more →