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Broadband Here and There

The New York Times reports on the bundle of communications services offered by a cable television company in Japan: In Japan, a Provider of Cable Ups the Ante: “In addition to a basic television package, he gets a digital phone line and a broadband connection with a top speed of 30 megabits a second, about six times as fast as… Read more →

Oh, Canada

A new blog about copyright policy in Canada: “This blog is supported by a team of academics, public interest advocates, and creators concerned that copyright serve the interests of ordinary Canadians.” Read more →

How legal is AllOfMP3?

In Slate, Dana Mulhauser looks at the legality of AllofMP3: Barely Legal – The hottest trend in file sharing.: “Could a scheme like be legal? Probably. Is it legal, in fact? Probably not. Will you get sued for using it? Not likely, or at least, far less likely than you would be for using Grokster or any of the… Read more →

iTunes UK domain name dispute

BBC News reports: Legal row over iTunes domain name: Benjamin Cohen, 22, registered in 2000, but earlier this month the UK domain name registry, Nominet, handed the name over to Apple. Mr Cohen, of Hackney, east London, has applied to the High Court for a judicial review, saying Nominet is biased against small businesses. But Nominet say legal experts… Read more →

No criminal prosecution for

The BBC reports that Moscow prosecutors are not charging with criminal copyright infringement. Under Russian law, apparently only counterfeiting of physical media can be a criminal offense. Digital copyright infringement may be copyright infringement, but not criminal. ‘Legal okay’ for Russian MP3 site: “According to Tass, prosecutors had decided not to pursue with legal action because Russian copyright laws… Read more →

Beer, Branding and Human rights

The ongoing dispute over the Budweiser trademark is the first trademark case brought into the European Court of Human Rights. Bloomberg reports: Anheuser-Busch Takes `Budweiser’ Dispute to Human Rights Court: “Anheuser-Busch is appealing a 2001 decision by Portugal’s Supreme Court, which ruled that Budejovicky Budvar NP has the right to use the Budweiser name under a 1986 treaty between the… Read more →

McCarthy on Dilution

J. Thomas McCarthy, Dilution of a Trademark, European and United States Law Compared, The Trademark Reporter, International Trademark Association. This article is a comparison of the laws that govern dilution in Europe and the United States…. While the anti-dilution provisions of Articles 4(4)(a) and 5(2) of the E.U. Directive are “optional,” in fact, every pre-2004 E.U. nation has adopted them… Read more →

Footie photo lockout

The BBC reports that UK newspapers may be locked out of Premier League football matches if the league and publishers can not reach a deal on when the newspapers will post photos on the web. Lockout fear over football rights The newspapers have been renegotiating a deal with the FA Premier League and Football League over access to matches. The… Read more →

Apple and Apple deal in England or California?

In Legal Week, Nicholas Valner discusses the jurisdiction and choice of law issues involved in the Apple-Apple settlement and whether a contract may be made in two places at once: Upsetting the apple cart In April 2003, Apple Computer launched a new web-site called iTunes. Apple Corps, The Beatles’ company, claimed this was in breach of an agreement made in… Read more →