New Jersey

After watching the entire Sopranos Season 2, and seeing a different side of New Jersey than what I’m familiar with, I’m glad to be exchanging my (expired) NJ driver’s license for a NY one.
But it’s a good week for New Jersey, or at least the two sports teams that play at the Arena formerly named after Brendan Byrne. The Devils will be playing in the NHL finals, in a matchup that pits “a Mickey Mouse team” against Mickey Mouse’s team. The Nets will play in the NBA finals, making this the first year where teams will be playing in the same arena in the NBA and NHL Stanley Cup finals since 1994. In 1994, Madison Square Garden watched the Rangers win their first Cup since 1940 and the Knicks lose to Houston in 7 games. Note that neither the Rangers nor the Knicks are in the playoffs this year.
Washington Post: Teams without city need no pity

DRM and Spectrum Conferences

Here are links to assorted notes from two academic conferences in California (at Stanford and Berkeley) on two of the big issues in technology policy: radio spectrum and DRM. (I’m collecting these links mainly so I can read them later.)
Spectrum Policy: Property or Commons
Cory Doctorow, Lisa Rein, Geodog, Joi Ito
Berkeley Center for Law and Technology’s DRM Conference:
Dan Gillmor, Aaron Swartz, Bryan Alexander, Lawrence Solum, JD Lasica, bIPlog’s Mary Hodder, Kevin Marks, Edward Felten, Passing Thoughts, James Grimmelman
NYT’s Amy Harmon covers both: Pondering Value of Copyright vs. Innovation