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By the way, I’m done with law school. Seriously. I don’t know where the time went. I still feel like I haven’t even started half the stuff I wanted to get done during the last semester. Of course, the end of exams isn’t really any kind of milestone. Graduation isn’t for another couple of weeks. And nothing is really done… Read more →

What’s wrong with law school?

In the latest installment of Five by Five at the [non]billable hour, five law students (well, four students and one recent graduate) discuss What five things would you change about legal education? Like Jeremy, Anthony and Wings&Vodka, I would change are the OCI recruiting processes. Many law students obtain their post-graduate jobs during the On-Campus Interview (OCI) programs during the fall of… Read more →

Classy Classes

When I signed up for classes, I picked out some classes, but didn’t give that much thought to the selection. After a week of classes, I decided that it is a perfectly reasonable schedule. Ah, the power of inertia. For my penultimate semester, I am taking: Federal Income Tax International Law Law of Democracy Telecom Seminar IP Transactions Read more →

Victory is mine!

Well, maybe complete and utter defeat is mine. But, I am done with exams. I am not a fan of the 24 hour take-home exam. I am less a fan of taking two 24 hour take-home exams within a 79 hour period. As advice to any other students: I highly recommend outlining before starting the 24 hour take-home exam. I… Read more →

Nap time

I am barely two hours into a 24-hour take-home exam (don’t you wish that your Saturday night was this exciting?) and already posting to the blog and ready for a nap. This is going to go well… Ahhh, sleep. That’s where I’m a viking. Read more →

Allez Exam!

Say goodbye to blue books (well, except for this Bluebook), break out the examsoft, bang a gong, we are on: Scherezade: Happy Exam Time!: “Matching wits with something hard, for a specific and limited duration, and being completely finished with it once you handed it in, that’s a rare kind of fun.” I agree, but only to the extent that… Read more →

It’s getting cold in here

While studying freezeouts (for those of you keeping track, a type of corporate transaction intended to involuntarily eliminate the equity interest of minority shareholders), I suppose I should be listening to 10th Avenue Freeze Out. Related: Sugar, Mr. Poon corporations haiku: Corporations: Not too hard, but learning it from scratch is annoying. Also related (well, not so related to freezeout… Read more →

Sit Down, Stand Up

I try to spend as little time as possible around the law school during finals time. Not only is it much more comfortable to sit in my comfy desk chair and listen to music over speakers than to sit in a wooden library chair1 and wear headphones, but I need to avoid the self-perpetuating torrent of stress that results from… Read more →

Congress Watch

Washington Post: A Development of High Interest for All College Students Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), chairman of the Committee on Education and the Workforce, recently sent a letter to all House members in support of changing the interest rate charged to borrowers on consolidated student loans from a fixed rate to a variable rate For those of us with student… Read more →