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Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars in Hoboken

Yes, it’s New Jersey. No, it’s not the plot from a recent Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. This is actually a software license contract dispute. Seriously. Hoboken has a parking garage that uses a robotic elevator/conveyor system to park cars more efficiently than the typical garage layout. But, the software that runs the intelligent system was licensed to the company… Read more →

Copyrights Keep TV Shows off DVD

Wired News reports on the licensing trouble that television producers have in clearing music rights for DVD releases of certain series: Copyrights Keep TV Shows off DVD: “For many TV shows, costs to license the original music for DVD are prohibitively high, so rights owners replace the music with cheaper tunes, much to the irritation of avid fans. And some… Read more →

Exterminate Licensing

A copyright licensing dispute prevents “TV’s most evil villains,” the Daleks, from appearing in the BBC’s latest Dr. Who series. BBC News: No Daleks in Doctor Who’s return. Fans had hoped to see the Daleks’ return in the series, scheduled for release on BBC One in early 2005, but feared copyright issues might stand in the way. The BBC spokeswoman… Read more →

Boucher on tech legislation’s Declan McCullagh interviews Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va) about copy protection, the DMCA and Digital Media Consumers’ Rights Act and regulating VOIP: The Hill’s property rights showdown: Our intellectual-property laws have always been intentionally porous, and the porous nature of those laws, accommodating, for example, the Fair Use Doctrine, has enabled the society to have a right to use intellectual… Read more →

White, Black and Grey

What happens when you mix together the Beatles’ White Album with Jay-Z’s Black Album? DJ Danger Mouse did just that and created the Grey Album, by mixing Jay-Z’s vocals (taken from a CD of just the vocal tracks from the Black Album) over music tracks built using samples from the White Album. Rolling Stone calls it “the ultimate remix record.”… Read more →

Global webcast licenses

IFPI: Recording industry announces new one-stop-shop for webcast licensing The recording industry today announces a new international agreement that will allow internet webcasters to stream music programmes to consumers on the basis of a single “one-stop” licence. The agreement will allow webcasters to clear record producers’ rights in a multitude of countries by entering into a licence in one participating… Read more →

Penn State and Napster

While Penn State’s deal with Roxio will provide access to popular music, how relevant is the Napster catalog to academic music studies? Wouldn’t Penn State be more successfully promoting its academic goals by spending the money from the Roxio deal to create digital streaming access to its entire music library? Penn State Live: Q&A: Penn State’s new online music service… Read more →

Digital Music Faces Hurdles in Europe

Reuters (via Digital Music Biz Faces Hurdles in Europe Apple’s plans to take a bite out of the still nascent European sector will depend strongly on its capacity to deal with the region’s complex multilingual, multicultural and multi-regulatory issues. Moreover, it will face intense competition from already established music e-tailers and other U.S. rivals…. “You can’t go to a… Read more →