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Valuing Music

In the NY Times, Billy Bragg suggests that the social networking sites that have developed their audiences by hosting music should have to consider paying royalties for that music: The Royalty Scam In our discussions, we largely ignored the elephant in the room: the issue of whether he ought to consider paying some kind of royalties to the artists. After… Read more →

Radio Performance Royalties

President Bush Visits Nashville, Discusses Budget (Doesn’t know that artists and labels earn no royalties from terrestrial radio broadcasts, unlike songwriters and publishers.) Q Mr. President, music is one of our largest exports the country has. Currently, every country in the world — except China, Iran, North Korea, Rwanda and the United States — pay a statutory royalty to the… Read more →

CBS gets (back) into the record business

It’s apparently cheaper for a television network to run a record label than to license recordings. Variety reports: CBS spins digital record label: “CBS will launch a digital record label in January, signing artists with the goal of breaking them via television show placement, iTunes and the Eye web’s broadband channel. CBS Records will be launched primarily utilizing the existing… Read more →

Entertainment miscellany

Links presented without comment: Wall Street Journal: Moguls of New Media: “As videos, blogs and Web pages created by amateurs remake the entertainment landscape, unknown directors, writers and producers are being catapulted into positions of enormous influence.” Jeff Pulver: Jeff’s Quick Guide to TV on the Net (TV/IP): “During the past twelve months, as the momentum for Broadband TV has… Read more →

Digital Music, Mobile Phones and Pricing

In the NY Times, David Pogue reviews Sprint’s new mobile music download service. Unlike the disappointing Motorola ROKR iTunes phones, Sprint’s new offerings enable users to download songs directly to their phones over the air. Also, in contrast to iTunes, the pricing seems designed by committee to allow every possible intermediary to get a piece of the pie. At Last,… Read more →

How a faux French band wound up in federal court

Dan Crane, who played guitar as “Jean-Luc Retard” in the band Les Sans Culottes recounts the fun of federal trademark litigation over the band name in Slate: Nom de Guerre – How my faux French band wound up in federal court.: “On June 20, 2005, my faux French band Les Sans Culottes showed up for our strangest gig to date:… Read more →

Doing the Math

Washington Post columnist Rob Pegoraro does the math and finds that Napster To Go Doesn’t Add Up I have been purchasing CDs for about 20 years now, in which time I’ve accumulated about 300 of the things. At an average of $15 each, I’ve spent $4,500. Now suppose that, instead of buying those CDs, I could have opened up a… Read more →

So live

Friday, I caught Soulive at Southpaw, who about 3 hours of funky soul jazz. The two-person horn section, Rashawn Ross on trumpet and Ryan Zoidis on saxophone (tenor and alto) adds some edge to Soulive’s sound and takes the band to a new level. This horn section fits in with the Soulive sound better than the band’s earlier work with… Read more →