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I came home today to find an email from the executive committee of the NYC blogger cabal threatening to break my links1 if I didn’t post something about The Gates soon. It seems that I am the only NYC-based blogger yet to post something about the orange invasion. I rushed up to Central Park to see the Gates get some… Read more →


The NY Post reports that Luna Lounge will close at the end of February to make way for condos: Lights Out at Luna. Luna is in a convenient location, books good acts and is free. Hopefully the new incarnation of Luna will be convenient, have good sound and remain free. The Bosch play Luna again on Friday, Feb. 18 at… Read more →


After tomorrow, the campaign to win the election will be over and the campaign to win the post-election fiasco will be in full swing. Via The Trademark Blog, here is a useful list of voting-related items: Voting Information To find out where to vote, check Learn about e-voting (which we are far too low-tech to use here in Brooklyn)… Read more →

Subway Centennial

One hundred years ago, New Yorkers started riding in a hole in the ground. Today, we still are. Newsweek: Take the A Train (or the F, the Q, the 1, the 7 … ): “If anything truly revolutionized the way New Yorkers live, work and play, it’s the subway. On any given weekday, 4.5 million people travel on the 6,400… Read more →

Are you ready for some jazz?

Last night, I caught Chris Potter playing at 55 Bar, with Craig Taborn, Craig Taborn, Wayne Krantz and Nate Smith. Except for getting home after 2 AM on a Monday night, it was excellent. Potter is one of the leading sax players on the NY scene and perhaps my favorite to listen to. He plays with a distinctive tone– warm… Read more →

OHNY: Jazz at the Time-Warner Center

Jazz at the Time-Warner Lincoln Center has an impressive new space featuring three snazzy performance venues, a recording studio and educational facilities. It was open to the public as part of Open House NY: The amount of care and attention to detail spent in designing the performance halls is impressive. The Rose Theater is physically isolated from the rest of… Read more →

OHNY: Remove the Stone of Shame

This weekend, Open House New York opened up to the public many interesting buildings that are otherwise inaccessible, such as the Grand Lodge of the Masons: Note that if you ever wait on line for an open house event at a secret society with a Simpsons geek (like, well, me), you will be subjected to incessant quoting of lines from… Read more →

See Em Jay

Next week, NYC hosts the CMJ Music Marathon, with hundreds of artists playing in various clubs around the city as well as a variety of panels, including some interesting ones. The Bosch is playing a CMJ showcase on Thursday, Oct. 14, at Northsix Downstairs at 11 PM. Since I will have a badge, which other bands should I be going… Read more →

Power Broker Week

I finally finished reading The Power Broker (TPB), Robert Caro’s excellent (and long) biography of Robert Moses. Two and a half months ago, when I contemplated again starting to read this book, Hani suggested allotting four months. For those of us not chauffeured around in limousines, one impediment to reading this book is the reticence to carry a 1300-page volume… Read more →