The French are talking, the French are talking

Interesting things may show up in your web referral logs.For example, French U2 fans are talking about me:

j’ai le droit moi aussi demettre des liens ?
et quand on va dans l’onglet music on se rends compte que ce pti gars a de bons goûts….

And I have no idea what they are saying. Sherlock translates that to:

I have the right me also demettre links?
and when one goes in the mitre music one realize that this pti guy has good tastes….

which leaves me even more confused than reading the post in French. Can someone translate for me?

I’m an other expert

A couple weeks ago, a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel contacted me about Conversations with the Active Buddies and we talked about IM bots in general. Here’s his article: Kids buddy up with digital pals

But other experts say kids aren’t as easily duped as critics think. “Marketers are always trying to exploit teens, but teens are so much more savvy about instant messaging than the marketers," says Andrew Raff of Brooklyn, N.Y.The 24-year-old law student maintains a Web journal, "Buzz Rant and Rave," that covers music, culture, politics and technology. "The high school kids have instant messaging ingrained in their culture. Anyone trying to market to them will have to know their culture inside out."

Wow, what a smart and witty quote. I think that expert should be offered a good job that will pay him lots of money.
Minor nitpick: BRR is a collaborative site, and I’m much less involved now that I’m in school.

Mail this

If you haven’t noticed yet (does anyone actually read this, anyway?) I added the “mail this” link to the site, which (obviously) allows you to send an email with that post to someone.


After configuring our installation of Moveable Type at work, I decided to upgrade this installation to version 2.11, also. The upgrade didn’t take, so I ended up doing a fresh installation. It did give me a chance to clean up the CSS, but it also broke all of the permanent individual entry links. Remember to always backup your data. (Fortunately, I had. This was still a PITA, though.)

Andrew vs. CSS

Apparently, some of the revamped stylesheet I started on yesterday isn’t agreeing too well with windows browsers (both Mozilla and IE), since this page doesn’t look correct (the MT archive links in the gray box should be in a right-hand column.) Work on this later, I will…