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IP Colloquium: Privacy in a Networked World

UCLA Law professor Doug Lichtman hosts The Intellectual Property Colloquium– a series of hour-long podcasts of conversations with leading legal thinkers about current issues in IP law. Professor Lichtman writes, “The conversation is about the legal rules that apply when sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace gather private information from their users. Does Facebook have any liability, for instance, if… Read more →

Blockbuster Sued over Facebook Beacon Program

Remember Facebook’s Beacon program? That’s the program that uses Facebook user’s purchase information on partner websites to advertise those websites to the user’s social network. Here are a couple of posts on the controversy from David at Inside the Marketer’s Studio blog that explain the controversy: Facebook Social Ads Need an Opt-Out Facebook’s About Face on Social Ads (Finally) A… Read more →

Valuing Music

In the NY Times, Billy Bragg suggests that the social networking sites that have developed their audiences by hosting music should have to consider paying royalties for that music: The Royalty Scam In our discussions, we largely ignored the elephant in the room: the issue of whether he ought to consider paying some kind of royalties to the artists. After… Read more →

It’s MySpace and I’ll cry if I want to

TechCrunch reports that MySpace is preventing its users from embedding media hosted on competing services : PhotoBucket Videos Blocked on MySpace: “This is turning into a habit for MySpace, which usually claims bugs, security issues or terms of service violations were the cause of a shut down. In January MySpace mysteriously shut down all Flash widgets on the site for… Read more →

Generation MySpace

Social networking behemoth MySpace is the latest trend gone bad. Daily Show correspondent Demetri Martin reported on MySpace and interviewed NYU communications professor Siva “Dr. Smallbeard” Vaidhyanathan. Martin’s final analysis: Upside: Great way to meet people all over the world. Downside: They’re full of sexual preditors. Upside: They’re full of sexual prey. The Daily Show: Trendspotting: Social Networking LibraryTechtonics Social… Read more →