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Tragedy of the digital commons

The internet is a network of networks, decentralized and generally unregulated– a digital commons. Is the internet suffering a tragedy of the commons? Wikipedia has a concise summary of the evolution of the spam problem on the net: Spam. First, Usenet fell to the assault of spam. Then, e-mail. Now, the web is under assault. Matt Haughey noticed how spammers… Read more →

Spam swarms

NY Times: Law Barring Junk E-Mail Allows a Flood Instead: “Since the Can Spam Act went into effect in January 2004, unsolicited junk e-mail on the Internet has come to total perhaps 80 percent or more of all e-mail sent, according to most measures. That is up from 50 percent to 60 percent of all e-mail before the law went… Read more →

Microsoft losing war on spam How Microsoft is losing the war on spam: “Most junk e-mail today emanates from Windows computers that spammers have hijacked and turned into spam “zombies” using security holes in Microsoft’s operating system. What’s more, Microsoft is blamed for wrecking efforts this past summer to create e-mail authentication standards. The company also stands accused of trying to neuter state anti-spam… Read more →

In Utah, Pop-up ads not spam

At Findlaw, Anity Ramastry discusses: Why A Utah Court Was Right to Hold That, Under Utah Law, Pop-up Ads Are Not “Spam” Computer users are often bombarded with annoying pop-up advertisements. Separately, they also are often bombarded with annoying “spam”– unsolicited commercial email. Can the pop-up ads be thought of, legally, as a form of spam? According to a January… Read more →

One BILLION dollars and other spam news

How big of a problem is spam? It may account for as much as 93 percent of all email volume. It certainly seems as if we get 93 spams for every legitimate email here at World HQ. Fortunately, a federal court and a regulatory agency are in action, fighting the rising tide of spam. The AP reports: Judge Awards… Read more →

US is source of spam

BBC News: US tops league of e-mail spammers Almost 43% of all unwanted e-mails originated from the US in the last month, said anti-virus firm Sophos. The report suggests that anti-spam laws passed in the US nine months ago have had little impact. Read more →

Caller ID for E-Mail Patented? Microsoft Faces Patent Lawsuit Over Caller ID for E-Mail F. Scott Deaver, owner of Failsafe Designs, says Microsoft is guilty of the “outright theft” of his product name and intellectual property (IP), and will seek legal and financial redress from the Redmond, Wash., software giant and anyone else that uses his technology that verifies e-mail is coming from the… Read more →

Cell phone spam reports on the First Lawsuit Over Cell Phone Spam Lawyers for Verizon Wireless claim the defendants’ messages violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), as well as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and New Jersey’s computer fraud statute. Under the TCPA, victims are entitled to a minimum of $500 per violation as a remedy. Complaint Read more →