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iPhone, youPhone, we all phone for iPhone

Have you heard that Apple is releasing a phone today? When the first iPod was released, six years ago, the first Slashdot reaction read, “No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.” The early reviews of the iPhone are in and they’re very positive for Apple’s contribution. The device itself, despite some flaws, is brilliant. But the critics are not… Read more →

Broadcasting, flagged

Today, the D.C. Circuit held oral arguments in ALA v. FCC, the court challenge to the FCC Broadcast Flag requirement. Briefly, the broadcast flag is a technoligical mandate that would require all hardware capable of receiving a DTV signal, including general purpose computers, to include circuitry that would prevent the redistribution of any digital broadcast flagged as protected. Susan Crawford… Read more →

American Detained Over VoIP in Belarus

In Belarus, an employee of the Soros Foundation Open Society Institute was detained for causing damage to the country’s telecommunications providers and for “working as an entrepreneur without registration or permission. Interfax reports: U.S. citizen suspected of causing $100,000 damage in Belarus U.S. citizen Ilya Mafter, who was detained in Belarus, is believed to have caused about $100,000 in damage… Read more →

Courtroom Technology

ACSBlog: The Gradual Digitalization of Our Courtrooms Over the past couple of decades, computer technology has progressed from being the playthings of geeks to the necessities of neophytes. Despite this rapid-fire growth, our judiciary system has remained somewhat sheltered from the effects of the digital age. Courts around the country — and indeed, around the world — are slowly incorporating… Read more →

VoIP, eh?

In the Toronto Star, Michael Geist contemplates the potential of VoIP regulation in Canada: No need for Dickensian approach to voice-via-Web While most industry observers seem convinced that VoIP is the wave of the future, the regulatory framework surrounding the emerging technology remains uncertain. This week the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will hold three days of hearings on… Read more →

Regulating VOIP

Yesterday, the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee passed a Voice Over Internet Protocol Bill. VOIP Regulatory Freedom Act of 2004 (S. 2281) regulates VOIP at the federal level and preempts state law with three major exceptions. States may still enforce laws and regulations of general applicability, including consumer protection laws and prohibitions against fraud and unfair trade practices. States… Read more →

Push to wiretap Pushing to wiretap ‘push to talk’ U.S. cell phone service providers are willing to wiretap “push to talk” phone calls, but only one has the technological capability to do so, according to sources familiar with the situation. “The current technology to tap these calls doesn’t exist,” said a representative of Verizon Wireless, which this week told the Federal Communications… Read more →

Pornographers Lead the Way

USA Today reports that the online porn industry is moving to adopt new technologies, like DRM, faster than mainstream entertainment and media companies: Online porn often leads high-tech way Porn’s recent tech tinkering could have sweeping implications for the music and movie industries, which are trying to protect digital content from being stolen and traded. Each day, millions of video… Read more →

When you are a friend

The EFF filed an amicus brief supporting WhenU in its appeal to the Second Circuit in 1-800 Contacts v. WhenU. The EFF argues that the Second Circuit should re-evaluate the initial interest confusion doctrine, require evidence of actual confusion. ClickZ: EFF Seeks Reversal of WhenU Ruling Watch this space for much more about WhenU, Gator, pop-ups and initial interest confusion. Read more →

FCC considers VoIP

NY Times: Thorny Issues Await F.C.C. on Internet Phones On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission is set to consider approving a notice of proposed rulemaking, the first step in a lengthy process of writing regulations for Internet-based phone services. The commission is also set to issue a final decision on a petition by one of the new Internet phone companies,… Read more →