Time wasted

Roadies, a flash time-waster from the BBC.

Get the Roadies to the gig on time, avoiding the perils of bouncers, big falls and of course every Roadie’s biggest fear: musicians.

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Trio of wackiness

Yet another example of something that could only exist on the web: Collection of others’ grocery lists
What happens when you throw chunks of sodium in a lake? Fun with Sodium (via Boing Boing)
Did you know that:

  • Andrew Raff is a pogo stick that hovers three feet from the ground, has been featured in Star Trek and is also available in white.
  • andrewraff.com is a games console that tracks its position with GPS! It is programmed against harming humans.
  • New York is a lunchbox that plays Nethack, produces 240v of electricity and requires a sample of DNA.
  • New Jersey is a bar of soap that can be taken on holiday!
  • Agents of Good Roots is like a normal tricycle, but it cannot be moved.

That’s what I learned from the Prior-Art-O-Matic (via Paul’s Boutique)

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The web’s sleazy underbelly and safety turtle

BusinessWeek investigates the The Underground Web

Warning: You are about to enter the dark side of the Internet. It’s a place where crime is rampant and every twisted urge can be satisfied. Thousands of virtual streets are lined with casinos, porn shops, and drug dealers. Scam artists and terrorists skulk behind seemingly lawful Web sites. And cops wander through once in a while, mostly looking lost.

I’m not particularly worried about gambling, drugs, porn, or credit card fraud online now that the FTC is going to do something. The commission plans to unveil Dewie the Turtle, who will be “teaching kids to take precautions when they are on the computer, traveling the Internet

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From the club to the computer

Now that there’s a RealPlayer for OS X, I’ve been able to again use one of my favorite web sites, DCN (Digital Club Network). Every night, they stream live concerts from a few venues across the US. They also archive many of these concerts and now have a very large archive of live music. Today, I’ve listened to Agents Of Good Roots (unfortunately, mostly Kevin-era shows) and Lake Trout today. I’d love to get some suggestions on other bands to check out who have concerts archived at DCN.

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